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Empathy & Compassion Activities-Walk a Day in My Shoes {PDF & DIGITAL}

This activity focuses on COMPASSION & EMPATHY, a continuous, gentle reminder of how everyone needs to spend more time thinking and understanding others.

As teachers, we know that at times, our students need a refresher on compassion and empathy. Reminding our students to perspective-take and put themselves in another’s situation is an important character trait as they mature into young adults.

This activity will give your students the opportunity to look into one another’s lives and hearts with an understanding of how each of our lives is different and often challenging.



Teaching empathy, compassion and kindness is an integral part of education, and it is also an integral part of a teenager’s life.  Teaching a student to “walk in another’s shoes” is an essential part of perspective and character.

In this DIGITAL & PDF activity, “Walk a Day in my Shoes”, students will complete journal entries, watch a few short videos on empathy, compassion, and kindness, and complete a shoe activity.  This activity will change their mindset and how they look at others.  They will learn what it is like to “walk in someone else’s shoes”.

In this product, you will receive:

1. Pre-Assignment Activity (Digital & PDF) – Journal Entry & 3 Videos with Response Questions

2. Walk a Day in My Shoes Activity – Directions, 4 Shoe Templates & an Example

3. Teacher Suggestions – 4 PDF Shoes for Paper Activity


**Because part of this is DIGITAL, you can add questions or edit the questions on the Google Slides.**

☆The students are to write down ten things their teacher would never know about him/her unless they told you. These items can be funny, hobbies, serious, interesting facts, family items, etc.

☆ Following, the students choose a shoe (wedge or sneaker) they would like to write down 10 of their items on, decorate and cut out!

These look awesome when they are hung up for Parent/Teacher Conferences and Open House!


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