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Fortnite, Snapchat, Argument Writing, Trends, Bundle

There is nothing like engaging your students in TRENDS-Fortnite, Snapchat, and Fidget Spinners. This bundle contains 6 products, 5 of which are the trending games and apps students absolutely LOVE!


There is nothing like engaging your students in TRENDS-Fortnite, Snapchat, and Fidget Spinners. This bundle contains 6 products, 5 of which are the trending games and apps students absolutely LOVE!

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Here are the descriptions of the products you are receiving:

1. Fortnite Pro/Con Debate Article & Worksheets:

Has Fortnite taken over your classroom as it has mine? This is all my students talk about, and if there is a second of downtime, they are talking about their levels, successes, Snapchat photos, and everything that comes with this game! I thought I would turn this crazy fad that is taking over our classrooms into a learning experience and a teachable moment!

I wrote a three-page article (”Fortnite-Addiction or Amusement?”) on the controversy of Fortnite, and it observes both sides of the argument about the video game. Included with the article, I created 8 multiple choice questions, along with a short-answer question. There are many extensions you can add to this article!

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In this product, you will receive:

A. Fortnite article- “Fortnite-Addiction or Amusement?”

B. Comprehension Questions & Short Answer Questions

C. Answer Key

D. Graphic Organizer for the Debate

E. Argument Writing Template & Worksheet

Your students will be totally intrigued by this article, and you will have your students completely focused and engaged with this activity!

2. Fortnite Task Cards:

Fortnite is all the rage right now with our students, and this video game has taken over our students’ lives and our classroom. Why not bring the subject into the classroom to engage your students, especially your reluctant readers and students?

I created 20 reading comprehension task cards on the subject of Fortnite and video games. These reading comprehension task cards cover:








In addition, there are four writing prompts. These task cards are perfect for test preparation and/or reviewing reading comprehension skills!

In this product, you will receive:

*20 Reading Comprehension Fortnite Task Cards

*4 Writing Prompts Fortnite & Video Game Themed

*Suggestions on how to use the task cards

*Answer Sheet

*Task Cards Key

3. Fortnite Reading Comprehension Digital Escape Room:

Fortnite is what our kids are raging about right now, in and out of the classroom. They absolutely LOVE this game, so why not incorporate it into the classroom while practicing reading comprehension? Kids are really engaged in relevant information, and this cannot get any more relevant! Getting ready for state testing or do just want to review some reading comprehension skills? This is it!


This digital escape room covers the following reading comprehension skills-

*Author’s Purpose

*Drawing Conclusions



*Main Idea

*Fact & Opinion

*Figurative Language

*Cause & Effect

*Words in Context



This escape room includes:

*A “Start Here” Narrative

*A Google Form with 6 Reading Comprehension Questions

*A Puzzle (Please make sure you have access to jigsawplanet.com)

*Short Excerpt 1-Reading Comprehension Questions for the Passage

*Word Reveal-Reading Comprehension Terms

*Short Excerpt 2-Reading Comprehension Questions for the Passage

*Four Location Locks

MAKE SURE YOUR DISTRICT DOES NOT BLOCK YOU FROM USING JIGSAWPLANET.COM or PROPROFS.com. THERE IS A LINK TO THESE SITES IN THE ESCAPE ROOM. I am not responsible if your district blocks these websites, and I suggest you test these sites first!

4. Snapchat Pro/Con Debate Article & Worksheets:

If students are not talking about Fortnite or Instagram, they are discussing Snapchat! My middle school students choose this app over any other one. I figured students would love to read about the pros and cons of Snapchat, and they can choose an argument based on the research and information! I thought I would turn something the kids love into a learning experience and a teachable moment! What student would not love to write about social media?!?!

I wrote a three-page article about the safety of Snapchat and teenage usage, and it observes both sides of the argument about the app-why teens love the app, as well as the concerns. This product includes both a higher and lower-level article for differentiation purposes. Included with the article are reading comprehension questions for both levels, as well argument writing extension activities and worksheets.

In this product, you will receive:

Snapchat article-“Is Snapchat Safe for Teens?”-Differentiated

-Higher & Lower Level Articles

Comprehension Questions & Short Answer Question-Differentiated

-Higher & Lower Level Questions

Answer Keys

T-Chart Template Graphic Organizer

Argument Writing Reference Sheet

F. Argument Writing Template-MAD LIBS Style!

Your students will be totally intrigued by this article, and you will have your students completely focused and engaged with this activity!

5. Fidget Spinners Pro/Con Article & Worksheets:

Even though the Fidget Spinner craze has slowly gone away, students were obsessed with them, and you still see them around here and there! I thought I would take the subject and turn it into something educational.

What do I receive with this product?

*Fidget Spinner Article-“Fidget Spinners-Headache or Helpful?”

*8 Multiple Choice Questions with Answer Key & Answer Sheet

*Short Answer Response in Conjunction with the Article

*Model Argument Essay

*Scaffolding Brainstorm Worksheet for the Argument Essay

*Argument Essay Template

*Essay Writing Worksheet

***This is a fun and engaging writing topic for your students to practice their argument writing skills.***

6. Argument Writing Toolkit:

Part of the English Language Arts standards is for students to be “college-ready”. It is so important for students to know how to properly argue a topic they feel strongly about, and secondly, they need to know how to produce and argue a strong debate. The key to being able to do this is understanding the writing technique for the argument.

I took the time to simplify this process for my students, and I wanted to share this process with you. My students really appreciated the way I introduced writing an argument, and they expressed that it is simple and easy. I hope you find it just as useful and engaging.

Included in the product:

1. three brainstorming worksheets

2. a poster defining argument writing for your classroom

3. an argument writing printable for quick reference

4. a sample argument essay for student reference

5. a Mad Lib’s style writing template for successful argument writing

6. full activity for student practice with articles and a brainstorming worksheet

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