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Genius Hour, 20% Time, Inquiry Based Learning, Project Based Learning

Have you been looking to implement a passion project or inquiry-based learning project in your classroom? Are you looking for your students to think outside the box, create, learn, invent, design, or try something new? Genius Hour is the project for your class!  This 10-week project guides you through all the steps to getting Genius Hour started, implemented and completed in your classroom.

This 40+product of handouts, guidelines, how-to’s, rubrics, activities, worksheets and everything you need to get started with the inquiry-based learning project, Genius Hour. This is a loaded product, and I will be adding to the product as I continue to do the project!



Have you been looking to implement an inquiry-based learning project or Genius Hour in your classroom, but you don’t know where to start or how to incorporate this in your classroom?

This 40+product of handouts, guidelines, how-to’s, rubrics, and everything you need to get started with the inquiry-based learning project, Genius Hour. This is a loaded product, and I will be adding to the product as I continue to do the project!

With Inquiry-Based Learning-

1. Learning focuses on a meaningful, ill-structured problem that demands consideration of diverse perspectives

2. Academic content-learning occurs as a natural part of the process as students work towards finding solutions

3. Learners, working collaboratively, assume an active role in the learning process

4. Teachers provide learners with learning support and rich multiple media sources of information to assist students in successfully finding solutions

5. Learners share and defend solutions publicly in some manner

★★This product includes:

★20-pages of the narrative of how I implemented this project-Week by Week

★30+ pages of handouts, PowerPoint pages & Word Documents that are editable

1. Introduction

2. Rules

3. People Who Were Told They Can’t

4. Finding Your Passion

5. Passion Exit Tickets

6. Think & Thin Questions

7. The Pitch Requirements

8. Blog Template

9. Creating Your Blog

10. Final Presentation

11. Final Presentation Rubric

12. Extra Exit Tickets

★Just added-Brainstorming packet, Cover, PowerPoint example

★These pages are all ready for editing so that you can make this your own!

I spent a TON of time creating this product for you, and I wanted to share all my materials because I would love if more teachers would implement this in their classrooms.

**If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at englishohmy@gmail.com.**

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