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Literary Analysis, Collaborative Poster, Novels, Short Stories, Fables

Are you working on short stories or a novel study with your students? Would you like your students to look deeper into the novel, chapter, short story, myth or fable? This is just the resource for you!


Are you working on short stories or a novel study with your students? Would you like your students to look deeper into the novel, chapter, short story, myth, or fable? This is just a resource for you!

This worksheet and collaborative poster give your students an opportunity to work together. Each of your students can work on a piece of the collaborative poster-protagonist and antagonist, conflicts, memorable moments & quotes, themes, and plot structure. This can work for ANY piece of LITERATURE! In addition, have your students collaboratively create a cover for the novel, chapter, short story, myth, or fable!

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In this product, you will receive:

*Ideas for the Collaborative Poster

*Plot Structure & Elements Glossary

*Literature Analysis Worksheet-8 ½ x 11 version of larger poster

*Assembly Poster & Printing Directions

*Collaborative Posters Pieces for 16.5” x 21.5” Poster

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