Citing Text Based Evidence- Reader’s Workshop, Writer’s Workshop


In this Citing Text Evidence Spotlight Activity, your students will understand the technique of citing text-based information and citations thoroughly and comprehensively. First, you can use these resources to teach and review citations while working on a piece of literature, poetry, or figurative language unit. Secondly, you can use these practice resources to aid your Reader’s Workshop or Writer’s Workshop.

This product is perfect for…

  • Reader’s Workshop
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Practice Activities
  • State Testing Prep
  • Writing Unit

Included in this 26+-page product, you are receiving:

1. Teaching Students to Understand the Technique and Skill of Citing Information

*Designed for Reader’s Workshop

2. Includes Detailed Set-Up for Reader’s Workshop-Common Core Standards, Learning Targets, Essential Question/s

3. Teacher’s Notes and Suggestions of anchor texts and what to do pre-reading, during, and post-reading.

4. Poster and Quick Reference Sheet for your Students’ Notebooks

5. 3 Practice Worksheets

6. 8 Task Cards with a Worksheet

7. Note Catcher for Citing Information Worksheet for any piece of Literature!

8. Application/Assessment Worksheet

Your students will have a thorough understanding of citing text-based evidence by the end of these lessons!

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