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Middle School Classroom English Literacy Centers

This English Literacy Centers for Middle School Classroom 80-page product is packed full of information, tips, tricks and activities for implementing centers in your classroom!


This English Literacy Centers for Middle School Classroom 80-page product is packed full of information, tips, tricks, and activities for implementing centers in your classroom!

Have you ever been envious of some elementary classrooms and their centers? I find them absolutely fascinating, and I truly think that the students gain so much from them; therefore, I invested some time and research in creating MIDDLE SCHOOL ELA LITERACY CENTERS.

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After researching, I learned that there are so many benefits to running centers in your classroom. Here are just a few:

⭐Centers motivate students- They allow students to take charge of their learning

⭐Appeals to the social nature of middle school students-Don’t middle school students love, love, love group work?!?!

⭐Meets academic needs of individual students-Differentiated activities; Individual/small group meetings with the teacher

⭐Incorporates reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing

Included in this awesome product are:

*5 Activities for middle school ELA activity centers-

*Main Idea Task Cards-10 Cards

*Creative Writing-6 Prompts

*Inferences-10 Pictures

*Vocabulary-Analyzing Words in Context

*Reading Comprehension with Non-Fiction

Understanding the Centers-Instructions on Running Centers:

*” What are Learning Centers?”

*Types of Learning Centers for the ELA Middle School Classroom

*How to Create Groups for Learning Centers

*Items to Consider When Creating Learning Centers

*Types of Centers, Frequency of Centers, & Sample Schedule

Preparing to Implement Your First ELA Activity Centers

*Suggestions & Tips:

*Establishing Rules and Expectations

*Signs and Instructions for Your Students for the Tables

*Rotation Calendar

*What Do You Want to Do with Your Students Before Implementing Centers?

Implementing the Centers:

*Setting Up the Centers

*How to Use the Activities included-Directions/Instructions-

*Main Idea Task Cards

*Creative Writing-5 Prompts


*Vocabulary-Analyzing Words in Context

*Reading Comprehension-Non-Fiction Article, Annotating & Questions

Teacher Center:

*Ideas for the Teacher Station


*Ideas on how to Assess Your Students’ Work from

the Centers

-Exit Tickets included

***This product is packed!!!

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