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“Is There a Traitor Among Us?” Digital Escape Room

Is there a traitor among us? Among Us is what our kids are raging about right now, in and out of the classroom.  They absolutely LOVE this game, so why not incorporate it into the classroom while practicing reading comprehension?  Kids are really engaged in relevant information, and this cannot get any more relevant! Are you getting ready for state testing or just want to review some reading comprehension skills, figurative language and grammar skills? This is it!


Can your class solve this engaging digital escape room? The “Is there a traitor among us?” Escape Room is designed around the theme of the highly acclaimed, popular video game all the kids are playing right now! Kids are really engaged in relevant information, and this cannot get any more relevant! Your students will be reviewing figurative language, main idea, words in context, grammar, and other important ELA skills.

This escape room covers the following reading comprehension skills-

*Main Idea

*Fact & Opinion

*Figurative Language

*Literary Terms

*Words in Context


*Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

These activities are perfect to use in…

  • Groups and collaboration
  • Review for state testing
  • Reviewing figurative language
  • Practicing reading comprehension

In this EDUcational Escape, the students are crewmates on the spaceship, and they are heading to Venus for a very important mission.  However, someone is trying to sabotage the mission.  The students have to figure out who it is by solving clues, puzzles, and activities.

**There is no killing or hurting of others in this escape room. It is just a fun old game of cat and mouse!***

What are the positive aspects of a Digital EDUcational Escape?

It is NO-PREP! There is nothing to make, print, cut, laminate, clues to hide, buy, or locks to set. Everything is ready for your students on the Google Slide!

  1. Students will encounter multiple choice questions, as well as a word reveal.
  2. Your students will solve puzzles, cyphers, and clues to open the lockbox!
  3. All you have to do is share the link with your students or assign the link in GOOGLE Classroom.
  4. You can have your students complete this on Chrome Books, on an IPad, or in a computer lab.

In this product, you will receive-

1. Instructions & Digital Links

2. Detailed walk-through of the entire escape room

***This escape room is made with Google Slides™, and the only website you should test before downloading this product is www.jigsawplanet.com. ***

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