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Writing Bundle, Paragraph of the Week, Writing Unit

This product was constructed with the thought of backward design–What do we want these students to be able to accomplish at the end of this product? The answer: We want our students to be independent, strong, and proficient writers.


*********HUGE BUNDLE! 200+ Pages!**************

Paragraph of the Week-Writing with Ease✐


The purpose of this product is to make your students more proficient writers through practice and repetition.

This product was constructed with the thought of backward design–What do we want these students to be able to accomplish at the end of this product? The answer: We want our students to be independent, strong, and proficient writers.

Each mini-unit begins with an engaging article, followed by weekly scaffolding activities. Week one consists of activities on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday; while week two activities are assigned on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a complete paragraph at the end of each unit. In addition, an easy rubric is included, that allows students to peer grade, or the teacher can use it as an assessment, writing grade, or benchmark.

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This product includes:

1. 20 Mini-Units (2-week intervals)-

Each Mini-Unit Includes-

A. A Short, Engaging Article (Lexile Levels vary between 900-1200)

B. Short assignments for the two weeks with the end assignment being a complete paragraph

In addition, there are three mini-lessons, a paragraph rubric, and other engaging resources!

Every few units provide a new skill that is added to the prior unit. By the end of the 20 units, students will be writing independent, strong, and thorough paragraphs.


“Building” Great Writers

Over the past 15 years of teaching, I have worked diligently and rigorously on planning a unit that covers and builds students’ skills in writing. In the past, my students have struggled to write an introduction, as well as a conclusion; in addition, they have a hard time lengthening their sentences to sound more fluid and refined.

My colleagues have also asked me for some skill practice in writing for other disciplines, and sometimes they will borrow my dittoes to use in their classes. Therefore, I really created this unit for everyone and every discipline.

Included in this bundle is:

*10 2-day lessons ( plus 4 mini-lessons) from the foundations of writing to the final assessment.

The 10 lessons are:

1. Starting with the Foundation-What do we know?

2. Building an Essay, Hamburger Style

3. Sophisticating Our Language-Removing Dead Words

4. Simplifying an Introduction-Introduction Map

4b. Mini-Lesson-Grabbers

4c. Mini-Lesson-Practicing Writing an Introduction Paragraph

5. Writing a TALES Response-Body Paragraph Writing

5b. Formulating Topic Sentences

5c. Formulating Compound Sentences

6. Writing a Body Paragraph-Butterflies

7. Analyzing and Editing Paragraphs

8. Writing a Conclusion-Step-by-Step

9. Assessment-Putting It All Together-Should Cell Phones Be Used in Schools?

10. Peer Editing

Separate Files-

2 Smart Board Files

*Body Paragraph Rubric

*Common Core Essay Rubric

*Peer-Editing Sheet

*Checklist for Writing

*This bundle is 63 Page PDF file, which also includes two Smart Board presentations, as well as 4 Word documents for editing.

*All the lessons come with instructions, an “I Can” statement, and the Common Core Standards for each lesson.

This is an amazing resource, and I use this for my entire 3-Week Writing Unit.

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