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Engaging Students in Creative Writing


To begin, teaching creative writing can be a thorn in some teachers’ sides, especially writing and creative topics for boys.  English teachers will tell you there is not an extensive amount of time to incorporate creative writing into the curriculum because there is so much imperative writing teachers need to cover (argument, persuasive, informative and literary writing), but when we have a chance to add it in, we do, and we want it to be engaging, right?  

Second, “fun” is not always associated with writing because, well, many of the prompts out there are rather mundane, boring and cliche.  Let’s be honest. We want are kids to WANT to write, and the only way this is going to happen is if the teacher finds prompts the students are going to WANT to write about in their story. Remember, boys hate expressing their feelings, so the fluffy, cushy feel-good prompts do not work for the boys.   You have to think action, adventure and fun with the boys.

What if you don’t have time for an entire period or two for creative writing?

I actually have incorporated many of these prompts as bell-ringers in my class. I post the prompt up on the Smart Board, and I give my students five minutes to write as much as they can about the prompt, and I often offer extra credit if the students finish the writing prompt. My requirements are 1 1/2 pages written, single spaced.

I wanted to share with you an list of amazingggg creative writing prompts I promise will get your students thinking and writing, and your boys will LOVE them.  

First, one of my teacher idols, Laura Randazzo, wrote an awesome blog post of 180 writing prompts.  She shares some great visual prompts that are SO engaging!  Check out this picture:  

Writing prompts

Laura Randazzo, Creating Writing Prompts   This Tumblr prompts will get your students fired up for creative writing for sure!  

Tumblr Writing Prompts

Tomia DeYemi

Buzzfeed PromptsBenjamin McEvoy


I put together my own set of creative writing prompts that are associated with pictures. I have created 25 creative writing prompts that will easily break your students’ writer’s block, and I will have your students writing instantly! Some of these writing prompts are funny, while others will take some more thought; regardless, your students will have a ball writing these stories.

Included in this product is:

1. Suggestions and Tips for Creatively Writing with Websites


2. 25 Creative Writing Slides-Visual and Written for Smart Board or Projector


3. 25 Slides-Ready-to-Print Writing Prompts that pair up with the presentation slides


Writing Prompts

You can grab these 25 Creative Writing Prompts right HERE!

Happy writing! 


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