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Fall Activities for the ELA Classroom



School is back in session, and I am sure you are looking for engaging fall activities for your ELA students. If you’re like me, you’re starting to move past some of the review activities. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to do first! That’s why I have plenty of fall activities that will cover all of your bases! Not only are these fall oriented, they also cover standards in a fun way to help get student buy-in right away! 


Ideas for Fall Activities

1: Quick Reviews for Bell Ringers 

While you have probably started moving past the review material, you don’t want to just push it all to the side. If you do, you’ll find yourself back in review land before you know it! These no prep activities are great for bell ringers, reading assessment, assessments and more! There are over 50 activities you can do with students which will give you at least 10 weeks of fall ELA activities to use as bell ringers or as formal or informal assessments! 


2: What’s Going On?

What is the one question all students will ask when they walk in the door? “What are we doing today?” In the past when students asked this, I would get super annoyed. Why? I have no idea. I love knowing what’s going on. Being in the dark is the absolute worst and that’s where I was leaving my students. These morning slide templates that are editable are perfect for putting what the goals are for the class that day! This is something that you can type up the night before or a week in advance because there are plenty of templates to choose from! While this isn’t an ELA activity, this fall themed décor and classroom management tool is great for keeping the calm in your classroom. 

3: Celebrate Halloween 

One thing my students absolutely dread is writing. Usually when my students have to write, the anxiety starts with “What am I going to write about?!” This is typical and it really is the big question. Using themed ELA activities like this Halloween Writing Activity, your students will have a framework to plan their writing. This takes away part of the “I don’t know what to write!” anxiety that students often associate with writing. Plus, with this activity, your students get to get creative with a popular Taylor Swift song. 


4: Digital Escape Rooms Thanksgiving 

Before you make the great escape for Thanksgiving, it’s always fun to do an Escape Room in class! This Thanksgiving Escape Room is the perfect fall ELA activity because it covers homophones, mechanics, grammar, punctuation, reading comprehension, and words in context. This makes it the perfect send off before students are gone for an extended period of time. You can use the Thanksgiving Escape Room to see where your students are at. 


5: Solve the Mystery with this Fall ELA Activity 


If escaping isn’t your style, you and your students can try to solve a mystery instead. The Missing Football Mascots need to be found, and your students are the perfect detectives! While students are trying to solve the mystery before the big game, they will be working on their comprehension, spelling, editing skills, and more! Students get everything they need to solve the mystery, and you get all the skills to review! This is a great activity for students to do during football season, maybe right before Homecoming! 

6: Nonfiction Football Writing

Sometimes we have to go away from the creative and work on more realistic aspects of writing. This Nonfiction Football Activity is great whether it’s before the big Homecoming game or the big game this winter. Because the article talks about sports, it is usually of higher interest to students. I have found even my reluctant readers love reading this three-page article. In addition to reading the article, students will also get comprehension questions, short answer questions, and a graphic organizer to help them put everything together. 


Fall is a time of excitement and change. When you are using fall themed content in your classroom, you’ll find your students more engaged and relating what they’re doing back to the real world. In addition, your students are getting to break out their creative side and have a little or a lot of fun! 



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