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My Favorite Quotations for the Secondary Classroom

Hi Friends!
I hope you are having a wonderful summer.  As August approaches and some of my teacher friends begin thinking about returning to school, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite secondary classroom quotations.  Even though this does say “secondary”, I know many of these quotations would fit just right in an elementary setting too!
As you walk into my classroom, I have a bulletin board to the left that I never knew what to do with-it is too small to do a large theme, and a calendar never did fit quite right.  For years, it was wasted space- I would use for upcoming events, I would hang important papers there, and by the end of the year is was just ‘blah and ugly.
Last year, I decided to get creative.  I have always shared a weekly quote in my classroom, and normally I would write it on my front board; however, it sort of blended in with the date, idiom of the week, and normally just got lost.  I felt bad for my quotations because I REALLY love them, and I think they are impactful for my students…here enters the “blah” bulletin board.  It was time for a fancy quotation board. I decided to paint the bulletin board in chalkboard paint, and I purchased the chalkboard paint markers from Amazon.  I educated and taught myself some of the fancy handwriting fonts, and my quote board was off to a fleeting start.  Here are some of the pictures from my classroom over the year-

I introduced a quotation a week.  Some were just purely inspirational, and others were thematic to what my students were learning.  I decided this would be a perfect time of year to share with you my top ten quotations that really impacted my classroom this year.

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1. Choices and Consequences:
This quotation resonates so much in the secondary classroom.  I talk to my students all year long about their choices and what consequences can arise from their choices.  More importantly, we talk about the impact that their choice/s can have on their family and friends.
2.  Kindness-
Kindness is free. It does not cost a single ounce of money, sweat or tears, but its impact has the capability of being monumental.  I teach my students an act of kindness, the smallest one at that, can be life-changing for another person.
3.  Difficulty & Patience =Reward:
Instant gratification is the bane of my classroom.  This generation of students we have needs answers and things done immediately, and we cannot really blame them because everything today happens so quickly-conversations, texting, the Internet, and information; however, I tell me students that sometimes you have to wait, be patient even though it may be difficult, and the end product will be amazing. Just. Be. Patient.
4.  The Dream & the Hustle:
Many kids have this glorified view their life will just fall into place, they will become famous athletes, and will make millions of dollars. I always explain to my students, that though this may be true (odds are not in their favor), EVERYONE needs to hustle and work hard in order to make their dream come true.
5.  Your People:
Good attitudes attract good people.  The character that one reflects attracts a specific group of people. Period.
6.  Comfort Zones:
One thing I try to stress to my students is everyone has to step out of their bubble and try new things that they are not comfortable with in their daily lives.  We have to push ourselves outside the box, even though we may believe it may not happen or come true. The best inventions came when people least expected them.
7.  Choose Good People:
I must have this discussion with my classes quite a few times each school year.  Surround yourself with good people and true friends. The people and friends they surround themselves with are either going to lift them up or bring them down.  Teachers tend to see this often; kids are in with the wrong crowds and how they are affected by this choice.
8.  The Courage to Stand Alone:
This is probably my favorite quotation.  I always commend those students who are willing to not follow the crowd and make a choice to go in another direction.  It is not an easy task, but it reflects true leadership. It is so courageous and brave.
9.  Perfection:
From day one, I tell my students I am not perfect, I make mistakes, I am human, and it is fine to make mistakes because we are all learning.  Many mistakes can be erased, and we can take what we learn from the mistakes, and fix them.  I encourage my students to make mistakes; I know they are learning.
10.  Doing What is Right:
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I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer, and for those who start school soon, you have a smooth and enjoyable start!

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