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Decorating the Middle School Classroom



Decorating the middle school classroom can sometimes be challenging. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m already thinking about my classroom for next year. I like to do prep work a little bit at a time throughout the summer, so I am not frantically rushing just before the start of the school year. I always start with how my room physically runs and what makes it operate smoothly because to me, that’s the most fun! Here are a few tips and suggestions to help your classroom look good and run well next school year.

Classroom Decoration Ideas

Here are some exciting decorating ideas for your middle school classroom:

Student Center

Have a small area of the classroom with supplies students may need for class. This may include pens and pencils, loose-leaf paper, a stapler and staples, a three-hole punch, a basket to hand work in, tissues and hand sanitizer. You may also want your hall pass to go in this area. I know we want to teach students to be responsible and to come to class prepared, but kids will forget, (I mean I forget things all the time, hence my sticky notes everywhere) and some kids may not have access to supplies at home. Their education shouldn’t be hindered because of this.

Calendar System

Find a calendar system that works for you. Some teachers love Google Calendar. Others have a whiteboard in their classroom that has nightly assignments as well as long term, big assignments. Honestly, I prefer both. I’m a paper and pencil, planner type, so I figure some of my students may be as well. I also know the majority have grown up with a screen, so a lot of them like the digital calendar to see assignments. Regardless of which you choose, I highly recommend having somewhere students can look to see what’s going on and what’s coming up in your classroom. You can tell your classes something 100 times for your auditory learners, but some will inevitably forget (as would I!). It also helps your students try to budget their time better if they have upcoming events outside of your classroom.

Give and Take Bulletin Board

A spectacular idea for a bulletin board in your classroom, or maybe even somewhere in your school, is a Give and Take Bulletin Board. There are lots of fun and cute ideas on Pinterest, but the gist of the board(s) is “Give” suggests random acts of kindness students can do for others and “Take,” students can take quotes based on what they are feeling they emotionally need at the moment. Suggestions for “Take” include confidence, calmness, hope, patience, peace and love.


This should be fun! This can go one of two ways. You may want to decorate with what you love (the beach, a particular sport, sunshine, farmhouse, etc.) and share your love of whatever you’ve chosen with your students. It helps students get to know the personal side with you making a stronger bond between you all. Plus, you’ll enjoy walking into your classroom every day. The other option would be to decorate with a theme that you know your students will love. This will make them excited to walk into your classroom and they will know you went out of your way to make them excited for school.

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I hope these tips are helpful as you ease into prep for next year. What tips or suggestions would you add to this list? Be sure to tell us in the comments!


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